About us

About us

South Staffs Water supplies high quality drinking water to approximately 1.3m people, and approximately 35,000 commercial customers, over 1,500 square km in the West Midlands, South Staffordshire, South Derbyshire, North Warwickshire and North Worcestershire areas.

Area of supply
The Company consistently achieves its twin objectives of delivering high levels of customer service and low charges. 

Household customers have some of the lowest bills in England and Wales, while benefiting from the highest levels of customer service, as measured by our regulator Ofwat.

Excellent water quality

We’re committed to delivering some of the highest quality water in the UK – every time you turn on your tap

Secure and reliable water supplies

A key priority is making sure water is there when you need it. We invest in our pipe work, treatment processes and new technology to make sure our water supply is as reliable as it can be.
We also look way off into the future to understand demand for water, and actively encourage customers to reduce the amount of water they use to help preserve our precious resource.
We are a member of Water Resources West which aims to ensure the sustainability of water resources, taking into account societal needs and environmental impact.

An excellent customer experience

Providing a quality water supply is a given, but so too is the service that our customers expect from us. We were ranked first in the water industry’s league table for the three years to 2013/2014 and remain committed to improving our customer service.
We think any queries you have should be resolved quickly and efficiently
We’re also developing digital communications, such as this website, to help customers self-serve and manage their accounts online

Caring for the environment

We’re dedicated to protecting our environment. We do this through increasing our biodiversity commitments, minimising our carbon footprint, reducing leakage and encouraging greater water efficiency.

Affordable bills

We’re committed to reducing customer bills over the next five years and helping customers who struggle to pay their water bill.