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We think it’s important to share how we’re performing with our customers more than once a year.

We will update this information on a monthly basis so you can check how we’re doing. Scroll down to see our latest figures

Safeguarding the environment

Our environmental initiatives are encouraging or enhancing biodiversity over an area equivalent to 127 football pitches*

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Supporting water efficiency

In February, 359 households switched to a meter. We also provided customers with 379 free water saving devices with a potential total saving of 14,328 litres*

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Fixing bursts

We fixed 88 burst pipes on our network in February– taking an average of 6.6 days 

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Water quality

We completed 9427 tests on our water in February; as well as responding to 170 customers who have contacted us regarding the acceptability of their water

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Low pressure

We responded to 157 customers experiencing issues with low pressure in January

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Listening to customers

We take customer complaints very seriously. Of the 100 complaints responded to in February, 65% related to billing and charges

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Extra help

So far in this financial year, we’ve helped over 22,200 customers* who are struggling to pay their bills

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Making a difference

Last year, our employees spent over 250 days* supporting our communities through volunteering or water related projects

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We try to put the latest figures on as soon as possible but do need to check them before publishing so there may be a delay. All information is subject to an annual audit so may differ to final monthly reported data.

*Figures reported are combined for our two areas of supply in South Staffs and Cambridge.