Our business


How we perform as a business is important not only to our customers, but also our regulators, our owners and our external stakeholders.

From 2015 onwards, we will be measuring our performance against 15 different outcome delivery incentives (ODIs).

The ODIs cover all aspects of our operations and have been split into five main outcomes:

Our outcomes and ODIs

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Key performance Indicators

Prior to 2015 we measured our performance against Key Performance Indicators.

Our KPIs

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Monthly performance We think it’s important to share how we’re performing with our customers more than once a year. Our performance dashboard is updated monthly and gives an overview of how we're doing across key areas of our business.

Monthly performance dashboard

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South Staffs Water is committed to maintaining high standards of Board leadership, transparency and corporate governance and recognises the responsibility to all stakeholders to demonstrate how this is achieved.

The Board has developed a Corporate Governance Code which demonstrates our approach and can be found in useful downloads.

Risk and compliance
We are required to produce a Risk and Compliance Statement for our regulator, Ofwat that confirms we are complying with our statutory, licence and regulatory obligations.