Our business

Key Performance Indicators

Prior to 2015 water companies published a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that were submitted to the economic regulator, Ofwat.

Our KPI’s

Click here to download our KPI report 2015

As a water only company we were required to publish 11 KPIs, but added four more that were relevant to our customers:

Reliability and availability of our water supplies

  • Serviceability (non-infrastructure)
    An assessment of the levels of service we provide to our customers
  • Serviceability (infrastructure)
    An assessment of how well our assets, for example our reservoirs, pumps and water mains are performing
  • Leakage
    The amount of water which we lose at our treatment works and in our underground water pipes. We also have to record how much water is lost through the water supply pipes owned by our customers. Any water lost inside a customer property is not included in the figure
  • Security of our water resources
    An annual score which indicates how far we can guarantee we won’t have to impose any temporary usage bans, such as hosepipe bans on our customers

Customer experience

  • Service Incentive Mechanism (SIM)
    A measure of how satisfied customers are with the service we provide
  • Supply interruptions
    Interruptions to the water supply which last over three hours

Environmental impact

  • Greenhouse gas emissions
    How much carbon our business generates every year


  • Post tax return on capital
  • Credit rating
  • Gearing
  • Interest cover

Additional KPIs

  • Water quality performance
  • Number of burst water mains
  • Customer satisfaction levels
  • Water efficiency savings

The KPI data covers both the regions where we operate our business - South Staffs Water and Cambridge Water and dates back to 2009/10. All the data, except the financial measure, has been audited by our independent reporter, Monson Engineering.