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Fixing leaks

Leaks fixed this month:


Leaks and bursts can happen for a number of reasons including:
  • Extreme weather such as freezing temperatures or very dry conditions creating pressure or movement in the ground
  • The impact of traffic on the roads
  • Accidental damage during construction or other works
  • An unexpected breakage in a pipe (we monitor our network regularly and have an ongoing improvement programme to stop this happening)

We aim to fix bursts with minimal disruption and as quickly as possible. If it's likely to affect you we'll do our best to tell you:

  • When the work will take place
  • How long it will take to fix
  • If we need to turn your water off
  • If it will affect local traffic - we may have to close a road, put traffic lights in place or ask you to park elsewhere for a short time.

You can help us save water and respond as quickly as possible by reporting any bursts or leaks you spot.