A new way to get in touch

South Staffs Water has teamed up with Amazon Alexa to reach out to our customers like never before. We've launched a new service, which will enable you to talk to us from the comfort of your own home, via your Alexa virtual assistant. 

 How it works

Alexa is a virtual assistant from Amazon, which carries out instructions initiated by voice commands. According to our research, 25% of our customers will have a voice-activated assistant in their homes by the end of 2018. South Staffs Water has created a new capability for Alexa, to enable customers to communicate with us directly.

Using a variety of key questions, you can find out about an array of water-related subjects. They can range from problems with your water supply and details of account balances to submitting meter readings and asking for advice in the case of emergencies. It’s a one-stop interactive database of useful information.

It’s good to talk

Alexa can help you resolve everyday issues and provide you with advice on who is best to contact at South Staffs Water.  Alexa’s responses have been formulated by us to provide expert advice and follow-up actions in a matter of seconds. This facility can be used around the clock, so you can feel assured that whatever your question, we have the answer.

We’re making it as easy as possible for you to get in touch with us.

South Staffs Water Alexa skill

Click here to enable the South Staffs Water, Alexa skill

Getting started

In order to interact with South Staffs Water via Alexa, you need to enable our Alexa Skill.

Once you've purchased and set up your Amazon Echo device, follow these steps to start your conversation with South Staffs Water:

  • In the Amazon Alexa app, tap 'Skills' and search for South Staffs Water. Tap 'Enable'
  • Follow instructions to link your South Staffs MyAccount
  • You're all set up. Ask Alexa to do something with South Staffs Water

You can also find the South Staffs Alexa Skill on

To talk to South Staffs Water, you need to start your requests with "Alexa, ask South Staffs Water..." or "Alexa, tell South Staffs Water..."