Currently, business customers who use at least five million litres of water per annum at eligible premises have the option of switching away from their existing water supplier to an alternative water supply licensee.


From April 2017 all business customers at eligible premises will have this option, regardless of the amount of water used.

To switch your water supplier, you must apply through an existing water supply licensee. These are companies that have been granted a water supply license by our regulator, Ofwat. You can find a list of current water supply licensees on Ofwat’s website.

South Staffs Water remains responsible for the supply of the water to your premises, and it is the same water that you receive before and after switching. We supply the water on a wholesale basis to the licensed retailer.

For existing or prospective water supply licensees, we initially favour the existing common contract for retail only switching agreements. However we also provide on this page our network access code, our wholesale master agreement and our indicative access prices. These additional documents are relevant to combined water supply licensees who wish to introduce water into our supply network. If you require more information on this please visit the Frequently Asked Question page or contact us using the details below.

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