My bills and payments

Responsibility for charges

From April 2017, the majority of businesses will be able to choose which company provides their retail services for their water, sewerage and trade effluent. This is part of a Government initiative called Open Water. Click here to find out more. 
If you have not been contacted by a retailer, you will remain a customer of South Staffs Water. Please continue to use our website in the usual way.

Normally the occupier of the property is responsible for paying water charges

Moved premises? - Let us know

If you have recently moved, please let us know by completing our online form.

Change of occupier

If you are vacating your property and a new occupier is moving in, you should notify us of the date you are intending to move.

If your supply is metered you must notify us at least two working days before – otherwise you may be liable to pay charges after you have moved.

Tenanted properties

  • If you pay your water charges to a landlord we'll need you to make sure they write to us confirming the arrangement
  • Once we've received this written communication we'll send future water bills direct to your landlord
  • Where a tenancy is for a period less than 12 months the owner may be liable to pay the water service charges
  • If we aren't informed about new tenants, we'll continue to bill the owner until we receive the tenancy details

Discontinuation of supplies

If you want your water supply to be disconnected when you vacate a property you must advise us or you may be liable for charges.

Questions about charges

If you have a question about your water charges please contact us.

If you think you don't owe the amount you're being asked to pay, you need to let us know why. We'll investigate and make sure the charges are billed correctly.

Difficulties paying

 If you are having difficulties paying your bill please contact us 

Unpaid bill and collections procedure

We will send a reminder 14 days after your bill is due. If your account remains unpaid 14 days after this date, we will send you notification of our intention to disconnect your supply at least seven working days before your supply is due to be disconnected.

This notice will detail any additional costs you will have to pay if your supply is disconnected and subsequently reconnected.

The following types of property will not be disconnected

  • Residential care homes
  • Nursing homes
  • Children’s homes and day care centres
  • Hospital, doctors and dentists surgeries
  • Schools and other educational establishments
  • Prisons and detention centre and police, fire and ambulance stations

This is not an exhaustive list. For full details see the Water Industry Act 1991 Schedule 4a

In the case of mixed use properties, we will try and separate the supply and where possible install a water meter on the non-household element of the property, which can subsequently be disconnected on non-payment of bills.

If we choose not to disconnect a non-household or mixed use property for non-payment, we may seek to recover the outstanding charges through the Courts.

Insolvency procedure

If you enter into a formal insolvency procedure, we will appoint all rate based charges on a daily basis up to the date immediately preceding the effective date of the relevant insolvency procedure. Any appointment charges after the insolvency date will not be affected by the insolvency procedure.

Security deposits

A security deposit equivalent to 90 days consumption may be requested from customers with a poor credit rating or a customer that we know to have been made previously bankrupt. This will be returned after 12 months where a suitable payment record is maintained by the customer.