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Have more control over your bills by only paying for the water you use

From April 2017, the majority of businesses will be able to choose which company provides their retail services for their water, sewerage and trade effluent. This is part of a Government initiative called Open Water. Click here to find out more. 
If you have not been contacted by a retailer, you will remain a customer of South Staffs Water. Please continue to use our website in the usual way.

Enjoy the benefits of having a water meter. Meters can:

  1. Help you to save money - you only pay for the water you use
  2. Help you to keep track of what you are using, which is better for the environment
  3. Help you spot any leaks on your pipework

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Switching to a meter

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Reading your meter

We'll come and take a meter reading at least once a year, you can take a meter reading whenever you like.

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Moving premises?
If you're moving home and are unable to provide your own final meter reading, please tell us you are moving at least seven working days before you move so we can arrange a visit.