My water meter

Switching to a water meter

There lots of benefits to switching to a meter

  • You only pay for the water you use
  • Taking regular meter readings will help you better understand how and when you are using water
  • They can also help  identify leaks on your pipework
  • You’ll be able to reduce your bill further by installing water efficient appliances
  • Using less water is helpful to the environment

As part of our commitment to promote fairer billing and respect the environment, and in line with Government guidelines, we have a policy of metering all non-household properties.

If you still pay based on the rateable value of your property you’ll be contacted to arrange for a meter to be installed. If you want to change sooner, please contact us.

Use the Water Meter Calculator

The Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) provides an accurate water meter calculator for South Staffs Water customers.

Click here to try the water meter calculator

Find out how much your metered water bill could be with the Consumer Council for Water's calculator