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South Staffs Water Lay

You can choose us to lay your mains for you. Our team of experts will look after the design, cost estimations, agree the programme and liaise with developers on your behalf.

Choosing us to provide your new water mains comes with two payment options.

  • Option 1 - Relevant Deficit Payments
  • Option 2 - Commuted Sum Payment

However option 2 is considered the most effective and efficient route by developers who choose SSW lay.

To apply for SSW lay at your development, we'll need:

  • A site plan
  • A soil analysis report (for developments not deemed Greenfield)
  • A completed application form

What happens next?

  • Step 1 Make your application
  • Step 2 We’ll confirm receipt within five days
  • Step 3 You’ll receive a quote within 28 days (42 days if greater than 500 plots)
  • Step 4 You make payment 
  • Step 5 Pre start meeting
  • Step 6 Programme agreed
  • Step 7 We lay and commission mains
  • Step 8 Mains ready for service connections