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Can I change my water supplier?

You can change your water supplier if you’re a non-household customer in England using at least 5000 cubic metres (5 megalitres) of water a year at premises meeting certain eligibility criteria. Full details are set out in Ofwat’s guidance on eligibility.

You can’t change your supplier if:

  • You’re a non-household customer in England using less than 5000 cubic metres of water a year
  • You’re a household (domestic) customer

Information on changing your water supplier can be found on the Ofwat website, choosing your water supplier.

The Open Water Programme has been set up by the UK government to create a competitive market for water and sewerage services offered to non-household customers in England. From April 2017 all eligible non-household customers will be able to change their supplier.

More information on the Open Water Programme can be found on the Open Water website.

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