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Can I claim a leakage allowance?

Metered properties

If water leaking from your supply pipe is recorded through your meter you will be billed for it.

If you are a household customer we may consider granting you an allowance to cover the cost of the extra water providing that work to repair the leak is undertaken within 30 days.

The adjustment will be based on refunding the cost of the additional water that has passed through the meter as a result of your leak, compared to past consumption.

Where there is no record of past consumption, the adjustment will be based upon typical usage for a property of a similar type. This charge may be further adjusted if your subsequent actual usage is significantly different.

The leakage allowance is usually applied to one billing period only. If the excess water did not drain into a public sewer, we will grant a 100% allowance on excess sewerage charges for the same period.

You must submit your claim within 12 months of any works being undertaken.

You will be advised of any adjustment within 10 working days of a claim being received by us.

If work to repair the leak is delayed we will reduce the allowance to a maximum of 50%. We will not make any adjustment where the leak has been caused through negligence of the customer/property owner.

We will not be responsible for any loss, damage or any associated costs/expenses resulting from any escaped water from the supply pipe or fittings at the property.

Please contact us for a claim form.

Unmetered properties

If your property is unmetered a leak from your supply pipe will have had no impact on your bill, so no leak allowance will be granted.

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