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Can I replace my lead pipes?

We’re responsible for the underground pipes that carry water up to the boundary of your property - normally where it meets the footpath.

From the boundary it is the homeowners’ responsibility.

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If you have lead pipes on your property and you choose to renew them, we will replace the pipes we are responsible for free of charge. Download our Codes of Practice for household customers for terms and conditions.

If you share a supply pipe with other properties and you and your neighbours agree to have it replaced you either:

  1. Ask us to replace the shared section of our pipe free of charge.
  2. Apply for a separate water supply, at your own cost.

Your local authority may provide a grant for the cost of replacing the lead pipes.

If you would like us to replace our section of the lead supply pipes we will need to investigate the pipework in advance.

If you have questions, please contact us.

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