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How accurate are the meter readings for my home?

If your home has a water meter fitted, it will tell us the amount of water that you have used and you will be charged for it.

Water meters are approved for accuracy and tested by the manufacturers before leaving the factory. They need to meet the requirements of Measuring Equipment Regulations 1988.

If you believe your meter to be inaccurate you can ask us to test it. The test is carried out to published regulations and standards, by an independent body.

You will be given the results of the test. If the test shows the meter is accurate you will have to pay a meter test fee. Non-household customers will also need to pay for a replacement meter which will depend on it's size. 

If it is not accurate, we will estimate your bills based on previous usage or future usage if there are no readings. You will not have to pay for the test or replacement in this case.

Meter readings and estimated bills

We send our metered household customers a bill at least twice a year. At least one bill each year will be based on an actual meter reading.

If we don't have an actual reading, bills will be based on an estimate. The estimated bills are calculated by averaging the daily consumption between two actual meter readings.

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