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How can I cover my water supply pipe and plumbing?

Property owners are responsible for the pipe which leads from the boundary to the property, and all internal plumbing.

If you have a leak or a problem with this pipe or your internal plumbing, then it's generally your responsibility to get it fixed. In some cases, this responsibility may be shared with neighbouring properties

We have been working with HomeServe for over 19 years who offer a range of policies to help in the event of a home emergency.

If you experience a problem with your water supply pipe or plumbing pipework, a HomeServe approved engineer will help to get things sorted. Find out more about cover through HomeServe.

Homeowners should check if their existing home insurance or other policies provide cover, expert assistance and repairs in the event of domestic emergencies and incidents so you are not paying for cover you do not need.

Policies are sold, arranged and administered by HomeServe Membership Limited and underwritten by Aviva Insurance Limited.

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