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How can I save money on my bill?

There are lots of easy ways you can save money on your bill.

Consider having a free water meter fitted

More than half of South Staffs Water customers still pay a fixed price for their water bill. However many customers find that having a meter installed – usually for free - can deliver significant savings. In some cases annual bill savings can run into hundreds of pounds. As a very general rule if there are more bedrooms in your home than occupants it is certainly worth checking if you might benefit from opting for a meter.p>

In most cases customers have a 24 month trial period during which time they can switch back to their old fixed charges if they change their mind.

Find out more about switching to a meter

Check your water bill to make sure you are not paying for a service you don’t receive

If you have a soak-away, which drains all your rainwater into the ground rather than the public sewer, you can apply to have the surface water drainage charges removed from your bill. This can typically reduce a household bill by around £40 or £50 a year.  Customers who have a septic tank instead of a connection to the sewerage system should not be paying any sewerage charges. Contact us if you think you might be paying for a service you don’t receive.

Click here to find out more about surface water drainage.

Apply for help if you are struggling to pay

Although our water charges are amongst the lowest in the country, we recognise that finding the money can sometime be difficult, particularly in the current economic climate. We have a range of instalment options available to help customers to budget, including weekly, fortnightly and monthly payment plans.

Click here for more information if you are having difficulties paying

WaterSure - Help for low income households who need to use a lot of water

If you pay by meter and receive income related benefits but also have high essential water needs due to either a medical condition, or because you have three or more children, you can apply for a capped water and sewerage bill. This allows water to be used for essential purposes without the fear of receiving a high bill. Some customers who need to use a lot of water have found they can save hundreds of pounds in some cases. More than 85,000 customers nationally are already receiving this help.

Click here for more information on WaterSure.

Save water to save money

Taking simple steps to reduce your water usage can add up to water bill savings for those who already pay by meter, as well as cutting your energy bill where hot water is saved.

Click here for more information on saving water.

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