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How do I fix a leak?

Leaks inside your home can cause damage and if you have a meter it could increase how much you pay. If left unattended, leaking water can also cause flooding and ground movement.

Just to let you know, if the leak is on one of the pipes on your property, then you're responsible for the repair. We're responsible for the water supply up to the boundary of the property.

If you have a leak on your property you should get it fixed within 30 days.

  • Contact your insurance provider

    Check your home insurance policy; it might cover you for leaks on your supply pipe. You may also have a separate policy with another provider, for example HomeServe. If so, give them a call.

  • See if we can help 

    Please get in touch as soon as you are aware of a leak on your property. We'll visit your property, identify if there's a leak and get back in touch to let you know who's responsible for the repair. Let us know by reporting a problem. We can also offer advice on what to do next.

  • Contact an approved plumber or approved contractor

    If your insurance doesn't cover leaks and if you're responsible for the repair you'll need to contact an approved contractor or an approved plumber.

If your supply pipe is over 30 years old we recommend you consider having it replaced.

Click here for more information about leaks

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