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How do I turn my water off in an emergency?

If you need to turn off your water supply quickly in an emergency:

1. Turn off the water supply

  • Turn off your inside stop tap  – it should where your water pipe comes into your home such as in the cupboard under the kitchen sink or in a downstairs toilet.
  • Turn on all your cold taps to drain the system.
  • Keep an eye on your ceilings. If water has been leaking for a while, there may be damaged plaster waiting to fall. If the water starts to bulge carefully make a hole in the ceiling to let water out.

2. Turn off water heating systems

  • Switch off your central heating, immersion heater and any other water heating systems. If the central heating uses solid fuel, let this die out.
  • Once your water heating has shut down, turn on the hot taps to help drain the system.

3. Turn off the electrics

  • If water leaks near anything electrical – lights, sockets or appliances – don’t touch them.
  • Switch off the electricity supply straight away.
  • Electrical wiring damaged by water can be very dangerous and you will probably need to call in a professional to repair any damage.

4. Call a professional

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