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How do you treat my water to make it safe?

Before we are able to supply your water we must meet strict drinking water standards. To do this all of our water goes through a treatment process.

First we pass water through huge sieves, removing large debris such as leaves, twigs and rubbish.

Smaller particles such as dirt and bacteria are then removed by adding carefully controlled quantities of chemical to the water. This causes the particles to stick together, forming a dense layer that sinks to the bottom. This settles as sludge and is removed.

The clear water then flows through layers of gravel and carbon, filtering the water. The carbon also removes traces of organic material such as pesticides.

Finally, to make the water safe to drink, it is disinfected with chlorine. This removes any remaining germs or bacteria and ensures the water remains safe through our network of pipes and out of your tap.

Water from boreholes will already have been naturally filtered on its passage through the rock. This means that it requires minimal treatment.

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