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How much electricity do you use?

An uphill challenge

Many of our customers live within the high up area of the Midlands plateau between Barr Beacon and Sedgley Beacon.

To ensure we can get water to our customers, we have built large reservoirs on the hills, which are over 200 metres above sea level.

The reservoirs need to be this high up to ensure we can reach all of our customers while meeting the minimum pressure standards.

Approximate location of the midlands plateau

Pumping head

A pump can only push water to a maximum height. The weight of the water above the pump becomes greater than the forces which are trying to turn the pump, preventing it from pushing the water higher.

At a lower height or ‘head’, pumps are able to deliver more volume of liquid The additional work required to push the heavy column of water up with each cycle of the pump mechanism requires proportionally more energy to move the same amount of water to greater heights.

What this means is that in order to deliver water to our customers we have to pump a lot of water a long way uphill – and that takes a lot of electricity.

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