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Is there a discount for people who are registered disabled?

If you’re on a meter and are receiving certain income related benefits you may be eligible for the WaterSure tariff.

WaterSure is tariff designed to help families save money if they use a lot of water and receive certain income related benefits.

To be on the tariff you must have a water meter fitted. Customers on WaterSure pay for the water they use, up to a fixed maximum which won't be higher than the average household water bill.

Click here to find out more about WaterSure, check if you are eligible and how to apply

If you are on a meter you may be able to save money on your bill be being more water efficient.

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Unmetered customers
If you pay an unmetered bill, you may find you’d be better off on a water meter.

As a very general ‘rule of thumb’ if there are more bedrooms in your home than occupants it is certainly worth checking if you might benefit from opting for a meter.

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Difficulties paying?
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