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What are you doing to improve the appearance of my water?

The quality of water we deliver to customers daily is ultimately the most important thing we do. We’re committed to delivering above the industry average of 99.96% for water quality.

We continuously invest money in our treatment works and processes to ensure we consistently deliver a high quality product to you.

In the 12 months to December 2014 we achieved 100% water quality compliance in the Cambridge region and 99.98% in the South Staffs region.

What we’re going to do

Not content to maintain standards, our commitment is to invest in our treatment works and networks over the next five years and beyond.

Specifically we aim to:

  • Achieve 100% water quality compliance as measured through sampling across both regions
  • We’re also committed to improving how our customers perceive the quality of our water through its appearance, taste and smell. Our target is to ensure fewer than 1.8 customers in every 1000 find our water quality unacceptable.
  • We also carry out routine flushing on our network of pipes.
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