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What can I do to reduce lead levels?

If you have checked your property has lead pipes and you suspect that you have lead pipes, then please contact us. and we will be happy to check the lead content of your tap water.

In the meantime there are some simple short-term precautions you can take to reduce the effects of lead in your drinking water supply:

  • Do not drink water that has been standing in the pipes for long periods, for example, overnight, or if the supply has not been used for several hours.
  • In these circumstances draw off a washing up bowl of water from the kitchen tap to clear the water that has been standing in the pipes. This need not be wasted but can be used on the garden or for something other than drinking or cooking. You can now use water from the kitchen tap as usual.
  • Ensure you only use cold water for cooking or drinking purposes, as hot water dissolves more lead than cold water.
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