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What is Surface Water Drainage?

For most customers, the rainwater that falls onto their roofs, driveways and other parts of their property drains to the public sewers.

We call this surface water.

Severn Trent Water includes the cost of removing surface water in their sewerage charges. This appears on your bill as a surface water drainage charge.

There are some properties where surface water does not drain to the public sewer. For example if they have their own soakaways or septic tanks.

If you think this applies to your property you may be able to claim a lower surface water charge.

To find out if you’re eligible, you’ll need to complete Severn Trent Water’s application form.  When you’ve done that, please return it to us at South Staffs Water, Green Lane, Walsall, WS2 7PD.

Check the leaflet claiming a lower sewerage charge to find out how you can claim.

Important: If surface water (such as rainwater) from any part of your property drains to a public sewer you will have to pay a charge for this service.

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