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What is your leakage target?

We agree a target each five years with our customers and our regulators.

Our current target is 70.5 Ml/d (million litres a day). While this may sound like a lot, it is only a tiny fraction of the water we supply each day and is set at a level which means it is cost effective to repair leaks.

Take a look at our leakage figures for the past six years:

62.25 Ml/d66.88 Ml/d69.02 Ml/d69.09 Ml/d69.09 Ml/d72.04 Ml/d

Each year we invest millions of pounds to:

  • Repair the visible leaks on our network
  • Monitor our pipe network to detect any increase in leakage
  • Locate and repair underground leaks on our network which don't show at ground level
  • Replace parts of our pipe network to minimise bursts and leakage
  • Install automated equipment to control network pressures

It is impossible to eliminate leakage completely. Like most other things our underground pipe network wears out and suffers damage from the external environment, for example from ground movement associated with freezing temperatures or very dry weather and traffic on the roads.

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