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When do you review my payment plan?

At the start of your payment plan, we’ll send you details which confirm:

  • How much each payment will be
  • The date the payments are due
  • The end date of the payment arrangement

If you sign up to My Account, our online account management service, you can view your account balance, payment history and details of any payment plans you’re on.

You can also calculate how much you owe by multiplying your instalment amount by the number of weeks, fortnights or months left on your plan.

Unmetered customers
Unmetered payment plans are either spread over:

  • Two instalments (April and October). We’ll send you a copy of the bill in the month prior to the due date
  • Eight months (April to November) 

If you’re experiencing difficulties we can consider payment over 10 months. This will show as a special arrangement (with monthly, fortnightly or weekly payment card or slips).

We calculate each instalment by working out how much your unmetered bill is for the year and dividing it by the number of months. We’ll also take into account any credit or debit on your account.

We don’t send confirmation that the payment plan has been paid and completed.

Metered customers
Metered payment plans are spread over 12 months. At the end of the 12 months, your payment plan will be revised based on the last four bills on your account.

At least one of these bills will be an actual meter reading, but some may be estimated. You can check this by looking at your bills, which you can access online.

If your last bill was estimated and you’re not happy with the amount we’ve calculated, you can provide an actual meter reading.

Based on this reading we can then work out how much water you’ve used and use this to adjust your payment plan.

Find out more about My Account, our online account management service

Click here for more about reading your meter and to submit a reading online

If you’re unable to take a meter reading, please contact us.

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