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When should I notify you about plumbing work?

Typically you must notify us before carrying out work on any water system installations in connection with:

  • Erection of any new building or structure
  • Extension or alteration of a water system in non-domestic premises
  • Material change in use of any premises
  • Bidet - ascending spray/flexible hose
  • Bath - larger than 230 litres
  • Pump/booster drawing more than 12 l/min
  • Reverse osmosis unit
  • Water treatment unit producing wastewater discharge or requiring regeneration
  • RPZ valve or other mechanical device for preventing backflow prevention in Fluid 5 or 4
  • Garden watering systems - unless hand operated
  • Water systems laid outside buildings less than 750mm or greater than 1350mm below ground
  • Automatically replenished ponds or swimming pools of more than 10,000litres

For more information see Regulation 5 of the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999. This identifies the main areas of installation/alteration which water suppliers need to be aware of in advance.

Click here to find out how to notify us of a plumbing installation

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