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Who's responsible for fixing a leak on a shared supply?

Leaks can damage your property and if you're on a meter it could affect how much you pay.

If there is a leak on your property you’ll want to get it fixed as quickly and as easily as possible. If left unattended, leaking water can also cause flooding and ground movement.

You may share your supply pipe with your neighbours. This is common if you live in a terraced property or a flat.


Who's responsible?

Find out who’s responsibility it is to fix the problem.

We understand that because the supply pipe is shared between other properties this can often require a degree of co-operation and agreement between neighbours and fixing it may involve accessing a property which is not directly responsible for the pipe.

What can you do?

The pipe that supplies your fresh water is vital to any home and we want to help you keep it in tip top condition.

Please note that if the supply pipe is over 30 years old we recommend you consider having it replaced.

  • Meet with your neighbours
    This leak should be fixed as quickly as possible, so it’s important not to ignore the issue. Organising a meeting with your neighbours will ensure everyone is aware of the issue and help you identify which properties are responsible for getting the leak fixed.
  • Check if you have insurance cover
    It may be you have cover for your water supply pipe, for example through a company such as HomeServe.
  • Fix the leak privately
    If the insurance doesn’t cover leaks you will have to fix the leak privately. We can supply a list of approved plumbers and contractors who’ll be able to provide a quote.

If you are still unsure if your supply is shared or who has responsibility for fixing it please contact us

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