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Why do I have high water pressure?

There are no upper limits on the pressure of water which we supply to our customers, but very high pressure is unusual.

High pressure is normally noticed by a strong spurt of water out of the cold tap.

If you have just moved in to the area it may be that your pressure is simply higher than you are used to.

High water pressure can also be caused by work we are carrying out on our supply network.

If you experience high pressure for the first time, you can run your tap for a couple of minutes. If there has been maintenance work on our network it is possible that air may be trapped in your pipes, temporarily increasing pressure.

Reducing pressure

If your pressure seems to permanently be higher than you like then turn your stop tap off slightly. This will restrict the pressure with which water can enter your property.

If your high pressure is persistent or causing concern then please report a problem.

Pressure is different to water flow. Water flow is the amount of water that you receive and is dependent on the size of the pipe entering your home.
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