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Why does my water appear black, brown, orange or yellow?

Black, brown, orange or yellow looking water is usually the result of a sudden change in direction of water within iron mains, which can disturb iron and manganese particles that settle in the bottom of the water pipes.

It can occur when work is taking place in the area, for example: if repairs are being carried out on a burst main, the fire service are testing their water hydrants, or water is being moved to supply a different area.

Discoloured water is normally short-lived and doesn't usually last for a long period of time. The only way to clear it is to let it work its way through the system. Running your tap will help to flush the discoloured water through.

Advice Run the cold kitchen tap at steady flow for 20 minutes, or until your water runs clear. If it hasn't cleared, wait for a couple of hours and repeat the process. If it hasn't cleared within 4 to 6 hours, please give us a call and we will look into this for you.

If your water is discoloured, don't use a dishwasher as the particles may cause a blockage. Don't use your washing machine either, as the particles may stain your washing.

In all of these cases, although the water may look unappealing, there is no risk to your health. If the problem carries on, or if you do have any concerns, please contact us.

We are continually reviewing the condition of all of our water mains and pipes and carry out routine flushing to remove any particles which may discolour the water.

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