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Why don't I have any water?

We’re sorry if you have no water. If we are working on the water network, we’ll always get your water back on as quickly as possible, and most supplies are restored in less than four hours.

If you’re unsure why it’s off, check our steps to identify the issue – it could be a problem with your stop tap or plumbing.

Did you know...We're responsible for making sure you have cold water at the boundary of your property.

If it's only your hot tap that's affected it's likely to be a plumbing issue and we're sorry we can't help with this - you'll need to contact an approved plumber.

Emergency work

If we are working on the water supply network and we can’t restore the water quickly, we will always try to let you know. Some larger mains are more difficult to repair but typically the water will be restored within 12 hours.

Keep track of emergency work

If an interruption is likely to be longer than 4 hours in peak times, we always try to provide an emergency supply - normally from standpipes or water bowsers. Under our guaranteed service standards, if we fail to restore the supply within 24 hours we will automatically pay you £20.

If you have an urgent need for water and are unable to get some from a shop, please contact us.

If we’re planning to do some work

Supplies may be interrupted if we’re carrying out routine maintenance work.

For example, we sometimes turn off sections of water pipe at night to identify leaks. This will usually happen between midnight and 6am. These interruptions are typically for less than one hour. As the disruption is short and at night, we won’t normally tell you in advance.

If interruptions to your supply will cause an issue, for example for the operation of kidney dialysis equipment, please let us know by registering for extra help or by contacting us.

We will always try to advise you of any planned work and assist you with any necessary special arrangements.

If we’re planning to interrupt your supply for more than four hours to do essential maintenance work, we will always give you at least 48 hours' written notice. If we fail to give you this notice we will automatically pay you £20.


If the water has been turned off at non-household premises, because bills have not been paid, the water will not be put back on until all outstanding charges have been paid.

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