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Why have I received a Defective Fittings Notice?

Leaks can cause damage to your property and if you have a meter it could increase how much you pay.

If there is a leak on your property you’ll need to fix it as quickly as possible. If left unattended, leaking water can also cause flooding and ground movement.

If we suspect a leak on a private water supply pipe, we’ll issue a Defective Fittings Notice (DFN) to bring the leak to your attention, along with an information pack.

The notice will outline the number of days that you have to repair the leak. If you don't repair the leak or replace the pipework within the given timeframe, we will repair the leak for you but you'll need to pay for the cost of the repairs.

We issue these notices for leaks because under Sections 73 and 75 of the Water Industry Act we have a responsibility to prevent water being wasted from our network.

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