My water meter

Reading my water meter

Water meters come in all shapes and sizes. Here's what you need to know about reading them.

You can take a meter reading whenever you like. Taking regular meter readings will help you:

Keep track of how much water you are using and receive accurate bills

We will come and take a meter reading at least once every financial year. The remainder of your bills are likely to be estimated based on your previous consumption.

You can use My Account to send meter readings to us. We can then send you a more accurate water bill.

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Login or register for MyAccount to tell us your meter reading. You can also make a payment, set up a Direct Debit, view your bills and payment history or amend your details.

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Tell us your meter reading for a more accurate bill.

Sending us a meter reading
When you send us a meter reading, always exclude any numbers in red. Meters come in all shapes and sizes, the picture below shows where you can typically find the reading and the serial number.


Why meter readings are important

We send our metered household customers a bill at least twice a year.

At least one bill each year will be based on an actual meter reading. If we don't have an actual reading, bills will be based on an estimate. The estimated bills are calculated by averaging the daily consumption between two actual meter readings.

If we don't have any actual readings, we will use the consumption from the previous billing period.

Keep track of how much water you are saving

It’s easy to save water if you have a water meter fitted. In fact most customers find they use 10 per cent less. Easy ways to save include:

Watch out for leaks
As a homeowner you are responsible for the water pipe that runs from your boundary into your property.  Taking regular meter readings can help you identify if there are any leaks on this pipe or with the plumbing inside your home, for example a leaky loo.

To check that you do not have a leak on any pipework after the meter:

  1. Turn off all taps
  2. Read the meter (including the red digits)
  3. Do not use any water for a length of time (eg overnight or while you are out for the day)
  4. Read the meter again. If the second reading is higher there may be a leak.
Moving home?
If you're moving home and are unable to provide your own final meter reading, please tell us you are moving at least seven working days before you move so we can arrange a visit.