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Leaks in the road

If you spot a leak in the road, or footpath, please let us know so we can fix it as quickly as possible. 

When we repair a small leak on a pipe under the road, there's a process we have to follow to repair it and it can take several days before we are able to fully complete the repair. This video shows the process of the repair:

We aim to investigate all leaks within a maximum of three working days.
We aim to repair 90% of leaks within six days.

How to report a leak

1. Check if we already knowFind out what's happening in your area. We might already be aware of the leak.

In my area

Find out if we’re aware of a problem in your area

2. Is it a leak or surface water flooding?Very high levels of rain can lead to too much water being stored underground, causing the water to rise up above the surface and this can remain for weeks after the rain has stopped. Find out about different types of flooding. If in doubt report it to us anyway.

Types of flooding

Find put how to identify flooding and who to report it to

3. Reporting a leakOur report a leak tool will ask you for some of the following information. If you phone us please have this information to hand:

  • Where the leak is - full address if possible and whether it’s in the road or footpath (or use the geo-locate option).
  • If it’s a trickle, steady flow, or fast flowing
  • How long it’s been leaking
  • If it’s causing a hazard, for example flooding the area or causing pedestrians to walk in the road
  • Your contact details so we can call you back if we need to, or update you on the repair.

Report it

Report a leak in the road or footpath


Infographic showing how we repair a leak in the road