My water supply

How water gets to your tap

The water coming out of your tap started its journey falling as rain, hail or snow.

We collect this water from three main sources, ready to clean and send to your home. Our water comes from three sources:


Deep holes called boreholes collect water from natural underground stores, known as aquifers

Blithfield Reservoir

A dam across the River Blithe, this collects water directly falling as rain, hail or snow

The River Severn

Water is piped directly from the river and stored in Chelmarsh reservoir

Around 40% of the water is taken from groundwater sources and 60% from the two surface water sources at Blithfield Reservoir and the River Severn.

Each source is carefully managed to make sure that you do not go short of water and that we do not adversely impact the environment.

This water undergoes extensive treatment to ensure it meets strict drinking water standards. Once the water has been cleaned it's stored in huge, covered storage tanks called service reservoirs.

Blithfield reservoir

The service reservoirs tend to be on higher ground. Water is pumped up to the service reservoirs, which ensures there's enough pressure to reach the properties the reservoir serves.

Water mains are then used to carry this water from service reservoirs to the roads outside your home.

From here a water supply pipe connects the water main to your property, flowing into your house and out of your tap.

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