Customers advised to avoid the hassle of burst pipes this winter

undefinedAs temperatures start to drop, South Staffs Water is sharing advice with customers to help them be prepared by insulating exposed water pipes now to prevent them from bursting.

Plummeting temperatures can cause exposed pipework to freeze and in some cases burst. 

Rachael Merrell, Head of Retail Services for South Staffs Water, said: “Burst pipes are not just inconvenient – having cold water leak all over your home is expensive and can ruin treasured items.

“We’re advising customers to prepare for the cold weather by taking a few simple steps.”

Insulate exposed pipes and tanks – Check that all cisterns, water tanks and exposed pipework are adequately insulated. Foam lagging can be purchased cheaply from DIY shops or online and simply snaps over exposed pipework or outside taps. Don’t put insulation underneath tanks though as warm air from below will help prevent water from freezing.

Heat your home – Don’t let your property get too cold. If very frosty conditions persist set your thermostat to maintain a low level of heat throughout the night and while you are out during the day.

Find your stop tap - Make sure you know where your inside stop tap is in case you need to turn your water off in an emergency.

More details for how to prepare for winter and a handy animation is available at

You can also find out what to do if a pipe should become frozen or burst, including how to contact a trusted plumber registered with WaterSafe.

Rachael added: “Customers are responsible for the water supply pipe up to the boundary of their property – and for all pipes inside a property - so it is important they take care to protect them during the colder months.

“While lagging cold water pipes can prevent bursts, lagging pipes which carry hot water helps keep the water hotter, allowing you to run your water heater at a lower temperature.

If you do notice a leak or burst main outside the boundary, please call our dedicated leak line on 0800 243 352.

If you have a problem with your internal water supply, you are advised to contact a plumber. For a list of local plumbers please visit: