Just Water challenge 2021 supporting WaterAid

Photo of the Just Water teamFour members of the South Staffs Water team have taken on the Just Water challenge to raise money for WaterAid and give others the gift of clean water.

Michelle Lane, Elinor Cordiner, Sarah Angus and Christine Howles started the Just Water challenge at the beginning of January by getting sponsored to drink just water for the whole month; no tea, coffee, fruit juice, beer or wine.

1 in 10 people in the world don’t have clean water and out changing climate is making life even harder. The funds raised through Just Water for WaterAid will help thousands around the world change their own lives forever with clean water they can rely on

If you would like to show your support and sponsor the Just Water team, you can do so by following these links:

Update 1 February 2021: Congratulations to the team, they have raised £1,475.

Just Water

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Posted: 8 January 2021