New water mains in Sedgley

Graphic stating "Improvements in Sedgley"Work is starting on an essential project to replace water mains in Sedgley.

The project is part of our ongoing improvement programme resulting in the highest water quality and a reliable water supply to customers.

We will be replacing about 2km of water main along Longfellow Road and adjacent roads.

The roads affected are:

  • Longfellow Road
  • Byron Croft
  • Sheridan Gardens
  • St Michael's Road
  • Himley Gardens
  • Straits Green
  • Irving Close
  • Masefield Road
  • Rhodes Close
  • Dickens Close
  • Emerson Close
  • Shakespeare Road
  • Spencer Close
  • Grafton Gardens
  • Kingsley Grove
  • St Andrew's Close
  • Ladbrook Grove
  • Wallows Wood
  • Cotwall End Road
  • Straits Road
  • The Straits.

The work started on Monday 10 August 2020 and will continue until mid-December.

Will traffic be affected?
Temporary traffic lights will be in place on some roads during the work and access will be maintained to frontages at all times.

We are committed to investing in new water mains, to reduce leakage by at least 15% and to ensure our customers continue to receive a reliable and high-quality water supply.

Posted: 10 August 2020