Second year of funding for Local Biodiversity projects launched by South Staffs Water

South Staffs Water has launched its second round of funding to actively encourage and enhance biodiversity in the local environment.

Projects that Explore Biodiversity Benefits in the Local Environment,  ” PEBBLE” for short, provides three levels of funding ranging from £1,000 to £10,000 to organisations keen to enhance biodiversity within the Cambridge Water area of supply.

In 2016/17 PEBBLE provided six grants, with a total value of £7,700 to six local initiatives. Successful projects ranged from creating a wildlife walk and clearing shrubland to supporting schools keen to raise awareness of the environment and local wildlife.

Dan Clark, Water Resources and Environment Manager for South Staffs Water, said: “We are delighted to launch the second round of funding through PEBBLE. At Cambridge Water, we recognise the importance of the local environment, and the part we play in the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity.

“Increasing the variety of natural living things and the diversity of the habitats where they live not only benefits wildlife, it can also enhance local communities and our open spaces.”

Projects can include anything that is designed to improve, restore or create new habitats and must be of benefit to the environment and/or the local community.For example:                     

For example:

  • Creating a pond to provide a home for plants and animals
  • Planting a garden with species that provide habitats for wildlife such as birds or butterflies
  • Transforming an area of neglected, derelict or overgrown space with the addition of new plant species
  • Improving the habitat of local rivers and streams through improvements to the channel, banks and flow.

 Applications are welcomed from schools, youth groups, charities or community organisations. They must either own the land or have permission from the land owner for the project and the work cannot have already taken place.

 Projects are also encouraged to include opportunities for Cambridge Water employees to get actively involved in work as part of the company’s Employee Volunteer Scheme whereby each employee can take paid time of work to undertake an activity that benefits the local community.

 The first round of applications for funding in 2017/18 will close on 15th September 2017.

 Full terms and conditions and an application form are available here

 Projects submitted by individuals or those that are purely for research will not be funded.

3 August 2017