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Water fittings notification form

Use this form to notify us of a change of plumbing installation under the Water Fittings Regulation 5.


Pre-development enquiry form

Use this form to enquire about the likely cost of water services for your development.


Asset records request form

Request a copy from our asset location records to help plan your development.


Replacement water supply application

Application for separation of existing shared supply or a replacement water connection.


Non-standard Connection Application

Non-standard connection of 32mm or above application form.


25mm Standard Connection Application

Barrier pipe information

Postal address requirements for Developers

Provision of postal address requirements for developers


Installing water supply pipes

Developer services info sheet 1 - requirements for installing water supply pipes.


Protecting and accessing water supply pipes

Developer services info sheet 2 - requirements for protecting and accessing water supply pipes.


Cisterns for storing water and animal troughs

Developer services info sheet 3 - details for cisterns for storing water and animal troughs.


Standpipe arrangements

Developer services info sheet 4 - standpipe arrangements.


Water reuse systems

Guidance and advice on water reuse systems provided by Water UK and the Home Builders Federation.


Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems

Policy for the Supply of Water to Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems.


Self lay - Company specific addendum

Self Lay New Mains connections form

Self Lay application for New Mains and Communication Pipes


Charging Reform Consultation presentation

Charging Reform: Summary of the Developer Forum

Developer Services charging reform consultation 2018

Developer Services Charges 2018/19

South Staffs Water Lay New Mains connections form

Developer charges Board assurance statement 2018/19

Keeping water safe in premises

Keeping water safe in premises - WRAS policy

Water Industry policy for the enforcement of the Water Supply (Water fittings) Regulations by WRAS.


Advance notice of work requirements leaflet

Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 - what they are and how they affect you

This leaflet by WRAS that provides information about the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations and how they affect you.


Bathroom layout risks

Guidance for Bathroom layout risks, provided courtesy of WRAS.


Flexible hose connections to appliances

Guidance for flexible hose connections to appliances, provided courtesy of WRAS.


Final Assurance Plan April 2018

Network access code

Our Network Access Code details the processes and guidelines the holder of a Water Supply Licence should adopt if they take over retail responsibilities for any customers within our region.


Indicative access prices

Indicative access prices for both retail and combined supplies for the period 2014-15 until 2018-19 can be seen here. These are intended to give businesses a broad indication of prices.


Indicative access prices 2015

Network access code 2015

Notice of application to exit from the non-household retail market

Notice of application to exit from the non-household retail market


40mm Standpipe hire application form

20mm Standpipe hire application form

Standpipe Hire Terms and Conditions

Water use in your business

Water is a valuable resource, yet all too often we take it for granted. Whether your business is large or small it will benefit from using water efficiently.


Access Code Guidance and Common Contract

Settlement timetable