Our strategies and plans

Your water, your say

We have completed and submitted our business plan for 2025 to 2030. This sets out the investments we've planned, over the next five years, to deliver the services, and improvements to our environment, that you expect. If you're paying a bill, it's important that these investments are at a price your household or business can afford to pay.

What's happened so far

We held the first of two 'Your water, your say' sessions on 14 June 2023 ahead of our plan being submitted for review by the economic regulator for the water industry in England and Wales, Ofwat. 

We then held our second session on Tuesday 7 November 2023 to discuss our plan in more detail, including the changes we have made given the feedback received from customers and stakeholders from our engagement programme.

You can review a copy of the presentation covering our business plan given at the second session here

How these sessions were run
Both sessions were hosted by an Independent Chair, appointed by Ofwat and the Consumer Council for Water (CCW). Members of our executive team attended to present our business plan for 2025-30 and answer questions about it.

Read our discussions from the sessions
Our team has reviewed all the feedback from our first session, alongside all the other feedback from our wider engagement programme to inform final decisions on our Business Plan for 2025-2030.

Read the outputs from the first session here and take a look at the presentation from our first session here.

Take a look at a written record from the second session here

Any questions?
If you have any questions about the outputs from our 'Your water, your say' sessions, please email us on pr24team@south-staffs-water.co.uk

Useful linksYou can find out more about the meeting from CCW and Ofwat.