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How hard is my water?

All the water we supply is medium to moderately hard, together with more than 60% of homes in the UK.

Who are HomeServe?

HomeServe is one of the UK’s leading home assistance providers. Working alongside major utility companies for more than 20 years,

Why don't I have any water?

We’re sorry if your supply has been interrupted. If we are working on the water network, we’ll always try to get your water back on as quickly as possible, and most supplies are restored in less than four hours.

Should I pay VAT on my water bill?

Value added tax (VAT) is payable by some non-household customers and usually applies to businesses involved in manufacturing, engineering and construction processes.

Do you read my meter when I move?

If you’re moving and cannot provide your own final meter reading, please let us know at least seven working days before your leaving date to allow us to arrange for a meter reader to visit.

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