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How hard is my water?

All the water we supply is medium to moderately hard, together with more than 60% of homes in the UK.

Who are HomeServe?

HomeServe is one of the UK’s leading home assistance providers. Working alongside major utility companies for more than 20 years,

Can you remove my water meter?

We don’t take water meters out of properties, but you may be able to change your mind about how you are billed if you meet the conditions.

Would I be better off on a meter?

Most household customers can have a water meter fitted free of charge. If you have a meter you only pay for the water you use so you may find you’ll save money.

Why does my water taste or smell of chlorine?

Chlorine is added during water treatment as a disinfectant to kill harmful bacteria to ensure the quality of the drinking water is maintained through the pipe network to the point when it reaches your tap.

Where is my outside stop tap?

An outside stop tap is usually operated by a professional. They are generally located in the footpath near the boundary of your property.

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