We've enjoyed the benefit of clean water for more than 160 years in the South Staffs Water area.

Around 500,000 children die every year from diarrhoea caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation. That's over 1,400 children a day.

WaterAid is the only international, non-governmental organisation dedicated exclusively to providing safe domestic water, sanitation and hygiene education to the world's poorest people.

For more than 30 years - through the support of our customers, employees, businesses and external partners, we have worked in partnership with WaterAid to help transform the lives of thousands of people.

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Customer support

Since 1993 donations from our customers to WaterAid have amounted to over £931,033 (including GiftAid).

Just £2 per month could give one child access to clean, safe water for life, or give dignity to some of the women and girls who have nowhere safe or private to go to the toilet.

"Clean water is fundamental for all of us, yet so many people around the world don't have it. WaterAid is changing that by building wells and pumps. That's why they are my charity of choice."

- Susannah Gray, South Staffs Water customer

Water supply in Uganda

Our support

Fundraisers have included a fly fishing event held at Blithfield Reservoir, a race night at The Ramada Jarvis, Sutton Coldfield, and a monthly lottery, all organised by our keen volunteers.

In 2014 Chris Watson who is our Education Coordinator at Blithfield Education centre,travelled to Uganda with WaterAid to see first-hand how the money raised is transforming lives.

“Clean water and toilets are things we take for granted here in the UK, but for some people they’re a luxury. Just imagine if we couldn’t turn on the tap, go to the loo, have a shower, wash our children - they have no choice but to use whatever water they can find. That very water could make them ill, or could cause a fatal sickness.

“WaterAid’s projects bring so much more than just safe water and toilets. Access to basic facilities improves health, enables children to stay in education and frees-up time for people to start earning a living - this trip was a chance for me to see all of this for myself. I hope to use my experiences to inspire even more people to get involved.”

- Chris Watson, Education Coordinator

To donate visit the WaterAid website

Just £2 per month over a year could pay to maintain a village water point.

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