Contacting us if you are a business customer

Contacting us if you are a business customer


0800 389 10 11

Call this number if you want to report a serious issue affecting the quality or supply of your water.

For all other queries please read the following:

From April 2017, many businesses will be able to choose which company provides retail services for their water, sewerage and trade effluent. This is part of a Government initiative called Open Water.

Businesses eligible to choose retailers

If your business is eligible to switch following the introduction of Open Water on 1 April you will need to contact your new retailer in the first instance.

All businesses, which are eligible to switch retailer but have chosen not to, have been automatically transferred to a new retailer called South Staffs Water Business.

Unless you wish to report an emergency please contact your new retailer direct for all issues relating to your water supply or your water account.

A full list of retailers is available here.

Customers not eligible to switch retailers

If you are not eligible to switch supplier and remain a customer of South Staffs Water, please contact us in the normal way.