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Water codes for adoption

In the coming months the developer services market will see the introduction of a new set of codes which underpin how Self Lay providers, water companies and developers work together on Self Lay schemes.

The new Code for Adoption documentation, processes and policies have not yet been finalised however you can read the current draft versions. 

Within the codes there are a number of elements which include:

  • Water Sector Guidance (WSG)
  • Design and Construction Specification (DCS)
  • Annual Contestability Statement (ACS)
  • Local practices
  • Model Water Adoption Agreement (MWAA)
  • Updated Levels of Service (LoS) metrics
  • Adoption procedures
  • Minimum information (required for the typical self-lay journey)
  • Water Sector Guidance Panel Terms of Reference (ToR) 

Water companies are required to consult on specific items within the new codes and, whilst we will of course provide specific information on these items for consultation, we are keen to discuss the new codes more broadly with our developer customers.

We will be engaging and consulting with Self Lay providers informally through individual meetings which we host at regular intervals, we will also host meetings with Fair Water Connections (FWC) and the Consumer Council for Water (CCW) as we progress to the implementation of the new codes. The first of these meetings have already been held in July and August 2020.

We are also interested to understand the appetite from developers and Self Lay providers in hosting an online session in September 2020 to discuss both Codes for Adoption items and charging items, in a similar format to developer days that we have hosted in person previously. We will be making contact with Self Lay providers and developers in the coming weeks on this topic.

Finally, we will carry out formal consultation by publishing specific consultation documentation and requesting written feedback.

It is important that we explain what the key differences or outcomes of the new codes will be for our developer customers and we will look to provide a simple overview in the coming weeks or months once the final documentation and implementation process is confirmed.

In the immediate term however we are currently seeking feedback on our Local Practices which are explained here.

We are requesting that feedback is provided by 16 October 2020.

Water codes for adoption - local practices

Read the local practices which we wish to use in addition to the industry-wide standard practices and give your feedback.