My water supply

Fluoride is a naturally occurring substance present in drinking water in varying concentrations. Regulations allow for up to 1.5 milligrams of fluoride per litre of water (1.5mg/l) to be present in drinking water.  It is useful for babies and children, who have growing teeth, and helps reduce tooth decay and cavities.

At South Staffs Water, the level of fluoride is adjusted upwards to a target level of 1mg/l, in order to improve dental health.  This adjustment occurs in all areas, with the exception of the UTT water quality zone.

The enhanced levels of fluoride are added to our water at the request of Public Health England, in accordance with the Water (Fluoridation) Act 1985, and following extensive consultation with local health authorities and our customers.

The concentration of fluoride in the water is independently audited every month by Public Health England.

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