Customers invited to have their say on future water resources for the South Staffs region

South Staffs Water is inviting customers to have their say on how they think water resources should be managed in the future.

The water company is drafting the next version of its Water Resources Management Plan.

This takes into consideration the impact housing and industrial development, climate change and the potential for droughts could have on the water supply and the local environment.

Alex Martin, Head of Water Strategy at South Staffs Water, said: “Water is a vital resource we all depend on, but is not limitless.

“Water resources management is a balance between supply and demand – we have to make sure there is enough water to meet the demand from homes and businesses, while protecting the natural environment we draw the supply from.

“We are currently compiling our plan for the period 2020 to 2045 and beyond and are keen to hear from any customers who would like to have their say.

 “We particularly welcome comments from people who have an interest in the local environment or who can suggest new sources for water, or ways in which we can help reduce demand.”

 The South Staffs region has seen demand for water significantly reduce over the last 25 years. Levels of leakage have fallen and water used by non-household organisations has declined. Customers are also becoming increasing aware of the need to be more water efficient and recognise the positive impact metering can have on consumption.

The company is speaking to a broad range of organisations including local authorities within the supply zone, regulators such as the Environment Agency and environmental groups about the plan.

To have your say please email any comments or queries you have to by 27 March 2017.

We will be publishing our draft Water Resources Management Plan in early 2018 when there will be a further formal period of consultation.