Great Barr daffodil display thanks to South Staffs Water and Network Plus

Photo of the daffodils with those involvedOver 4,000 daffodils are blooming in the grass verge bordering Merrions Wood, the Ancient Woodland and Grade II listed parkland at Chapel Lane Great Barr, thanks to South Staffs Water and Network Plus in collaboration with the Friends of Merrions Wood.

The Friends Group purchased and planted the daffodil bulbs following our donation of £500 following the installation of a new water main in Chapel Lane last summer 2019.

The work involved the installation of a new 300mm main alongside the existing 1000mm water main situated in the listed parkland adjacent to the highway, which involved a road closure and diversion for three months.

We made the donation to the Friends Group as a thank you to local residents for their assistance and patience while the work took place, and were pleased to support this scheme to provide a long-term legacy with an annual display of flowers and improved biodiversity along the 150m verge.

As a retired building surveyor, I observed that the contract was well managed and carefully executed by South Staffs Water and their main contractor, Network Plus, with minimal disruption to residents. We are extremely grateful to South Staffs Water for the donation and to Network Plus who undertook the trench work prior to planting.  This project will greatly enhance this environmentally sensitive area.

I had wanted to carry out this project for some time and the generous donation to the Friends Group made it possible, as it funded the purchase of 4,500 daffodil bulbs planted by members, as well as the forthcoming installation of 20 bird boxes in the Ancient Woodland, leaving a legacy for future generations to enjoy. I’d like to thank everyone involved.

- Robert Withers, chairman of Friends of Merrions Wood

We really appreciate the patience of all the residents while we carried out the work. This donation was a way of thanking them but also creating a floral display, which everyone can enjoy for years to come.

- Paul Minto, works co-ordinator, at South Staffs Water.

Photo shows the daffodils being plantedPhoto shows the daffodils being planted.


Photo showing the water mains renewal workPhoto shows the extent of the mains replacement work at Chapel Lane in 2019.

Posted: 16 March 2020