Leisure Operator Water Charter

We are supporting Environmental Solutions International (Esi) and fully endorse the Leisure Sector's Water Charter as a commitment to sustainable and responsible water use.

Most of the water for turf irrigation in England and Wales is sourced from mains public supply, however there is growing need to identify alternative sustainable sources of water.

The National Framework for Water Resource is forecasting water shortages across the United Kingdom due to increasing population, increasing likelihood of drought, heavier rainfall events leading to localised flooding, over-abstraction of water leading to poor water and ecological standards.

Esi is working with the water industry and the leisure sector in England and Wales, to find ways to increase collaboration, identify sustainable sources of water for turf irrigation, and reduce the impacts of water stress and climate change on the future of the leisure sector.

The Leisure Association Water Charter has already been adopted by:
  • The Club Managers Association of Europe 
  • The Grounds Management Association 
  • The Racecourse Association 
  • The UK Golf Federation
These organisations are working with the water sector and highlighting the need for their association members, facility operators and stakeholders to prevent or reduce irrigation use from adversely impacting supplies of potable water, water quality, or habitat and ecology. Each organisation will need to develop a water resilience plan by 1 January 2022.

The Leisure Association Water Charter commits these associations to:
  • Providing information and education to their members highlighting the urgent need to move towards sustainable water sources for irrigation to safeguard the future of the leisure industry.
  • Encourage members to work with the water companies, regional water resource groups, Environment Agency and others to develop a national communications network to quickly communicate the need to reduce mains irrigation by members during periods of high-water demand, to protect public supplies for drinking, cooking and washing.
  • Engage with other associations and representative bodies across the leisure sector to share case studies, information, and projects to assist water reduction, and collaborate closely on projects within the leisure industry to assist project uptake, reduce implementation time and publicise the reasons for the project.
  • Highlight the positive impacts of the projects undertaken by members on water resilience, flood relief, and the benefits to the wider community of soft landscaping reducing run off, enhancing the natural environment, and improving the sustainability of member facilities. 
  • Encourage members to sign and promote The Leisure Operator Water Charter as a public statement of their awareness of water stress, to promote awareness amongst their stakeholders and to work with the water industry to find sustainable alternatives to protect their futures.
  • Ensure that every member has developed, or is developing, a water resilience plan by 1st January 2022.

The Leisure Operator Water Charter

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Posted: 15 July 2021